ANEW to purchase shoes for underprivileged children

ANEW will be spending next Sunday, June 15, 2014, purchasing shoes that will be donated to underprivileged children. These children are often forgotten and stigmatized due to the nature of their families. In an effort to bring them a feeling of belonging as well as directly help them, members/friends of ANEW will take worship time for this service event. A total of 33 pairs of shoes will be donated.

If you would like to financially donate to this project, our mailing address is PO Box 321 Mitchell, SD 57301.


Last Sunday, the ANEW UCC gathering agreed to read Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life by Karen Armstrong with the intention of cultivating more compassion in our lives and in our community. Our hope is that this intentional activity will ripple throughout all that we touch. We realize that compassion is not about faith statements or doctrines. Rather it is about building a better world for everyone even those we do not agree with. The Dalai Lama said this, “Love and compassion are what we must strive to cultivate in ourselves, extending their present boundaries all the way to limitlessness. Undiscriminating, spontaneous, unlimited love and compassion are possible even toward someone who has done harm to you–your enemy.” We all struggle with the pain of wrongdoings: our own and the ones given to us and in offering compassion, we do not mean we become targets of abuse; however, we do mean that we seek to offer compassion to all beings.

This Sunday Feb 9th, we will honor all faith traditions during worship. Through symbols, readings, words, and silence we will see how every tradition honors the most sacred act of compassion.

If you would like to join us on this intentional path, we invite you do to so. We gather Sunday mornings 10:00 am at Lifequest.




ADVENT: Reaching out to others

ANEW is collecting toiletries for Stepping Stones this ADVENT season. If you would like to participant, please contact Shelly Tupper.

ANEW will be caroling on Dec 18th.

ANEW will be having a Christmas Celebration Dec 22nd at 10:00am including worship and a potluck.

If you are tired of traditional ways of being ‘church,’ try ANEW!!!  A real community of people trying to live authentically, lovingly, and joyfully while following the Jesus way.




Greetings Everyone!

Nelson and Marilyn Stone have arrived back home from some travels. Nelson has graciously offered to hold a conversation of YOUR CHOICE tomorrow morning at 9:00 am. He encourages and invites us to bring any question, topic, etc that we have regarding our Christian tradition. Nelson is engaging and knowledgeable. Bring your coffee, bring some donuts to share, bring a friend, neighbor, bring someone who is curious about US! This is a great opportunity to share the gifts ANEW UCC has to offer the Mitchell Community!

See you tomorrow.